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Coaching programmes & Training Courses

Our programmes encapsulate 20 years of experience in the field.

Coaching Programme

Create your marketing Unfair Advantage in 3 weeks

Confidently create your B2B marketing strategy (including Positioning, Value Proposition, Segmentation, Brand Strategy, Messaging and a Marketing Plan)

Type: Coaching Programme
Duration: 3 weeks
Format: Hybrid (One-to-one coaching + video workshops)
Training Programme

Stand out positioning and marketing your Cyber Security business

During this 1 hour masterclass you’ll learn:

  • How to understand what cyber security buyers really want 
  • How to use a guaranteed method to build trust and fame for your cyber security business
  • How to build ‘swagger’ in your brand to attract bigger customers, investors and even an exit
Duration: 1 hour
Type: Self-pace training programme
Format: on-line, self-service