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Services and SaaS

Create your Unfair Advantage

We help professional services and consulting businesses create competitive unfair advantages through brutally clear positioning of their expertise, and with an engineered approach to lead generation. Our approach ensures messages cut through the noise and deliver qualified new prospects to your sales teams in a systematic and sustainable manner.

Our experience in services and consulting businesses

We’ve run, scaled and sold marketing agencies. We’ve also positioned and developed Go To Market plans for technology consultancies. Every year we interview CEOs, CMOs, CIOs and CTOs about their needs from experts and services firms. So our deep sector knowledge will provide immediate clarity for your own professional services marketing.

What have we learnt

  • You’re in the business of selling, and honing, your expertise. “An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less”.
  • The more niche you become, the more defensible and insightful your offer
  • With the world’s experts readily available online, your job is to demonstrate how your expertise credibility is world class.
  • In mature services markets (such as IT consulting, marketing and recruitment), ‘How’ you deliver for your clients becomes more important than ‘what’ you offer. We work with clients to uncover what makes their approach to solving their own client problems – creating new IP and methods where needed.

How we create a competitive Unfair Advantage for your business

We focus on what buyers want and the unique difference you can bring. This insight helps creates a competitive Unfair Advantage and marketing ‘Growth Machine’ that will deliver leads consistently to your sales teams. Our process takes a few weeks and guarantees clear messaging and immediate sales impact.

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The Unfair Advantage Method

There is a correlation between the deployment of evidence-based marketing and successful fundraising. Our structured and efficient methods create certainty for founders seeking fast, sustainable venture-backed growth.

Understand where credibility and internal alignment problems undermine growth ambitions.
New Insight
Create and test evidence-driven personas and value propositions from new insight..

Create a brand and disruptive
point of view that prospects will talk about.

Growth Machine
Strategize and implement
an evidence-driven Growth Machine to hit your targets.