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Deep Tech & Quantum

Create your Unfair Advantage

We apply 40 years of marketing experience to find the insights that will what motivates buyers and create your competitive Unfair Advantage and build your lead generating ‘Growth Machine’.

Our Deep Tech experience

We’ve worked with Quantum technology VC, AI SAAS platforms and complex risk analysis and fintech firms.

What we've learnt

  • Deep tech involves the convergence of multiple cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), robotics, nanotechnology, and biotechnology.
  • The deep tech sector is witnessing a surge in startups and incubators focused on developing breakthrough technologies with Venture Capital firms and governments investing heavily. All recognise the potential for disruptive innovation and economic growth.
  • Research-based founders are rarely experienced business people. They can receive slow, poor (even exploitative) advice from universities (or other research institutions) that can limit or stop business progress, while grant-giving organisations are poor at fostering commercial outcomes.
  • Deep tech scientists want to see their ideas become real in the world through a thriving business.

How we create a competitive Unfair Advantage for your business

We focus on what deep tech buyers want and the unique difference you can bring. This insight helps creates a competitive Unfair Advantage and marketing ‘growth machine’ that will deliver leads consistently to your sales teams. Our process takes a few weeks and guarantees clear messaging and immediate sales impact.

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Case Study

Through The Unfair Advantage Sprint, Elysian Fields helped QDNL find their new voice and market position.

The Unfair Advantage Method

There is a correlation between the deployment of evidence-based marketing and successful fundraising. Our structured and efficient methods create certainty for founders seeking fast, sustainable venture-backed growth.

Understand where credibility and internal alignment problems undermine growth ambitions.
New Insight
Create and test evidence-driven personas and value propositions from new insight..

Create a brand and disruptive
point of view that prospects will talk about.

Growth Machine
Strategize and implement
an evidence-driven Growth Machine to hit your targets.