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Case Studies

RBS and NatWest provide extensive personal banking products include bank accounts, mortgages, credit cards, loans and more

The RBS Group (RBS, NatWest, and Coutts) required a B2B and B2C strategy for their digital transformation

  • We had the opportunity to provide the strategy for the digital transformation of the RBS Group, including organisational best-practice, establishing Natwest and RBS’ digital positioning and social presence, social customer service, onsite behavioural optimisation, mobile development and advertising.

  • New B2B marketing strategy and creative to attract new business clients to the group’s corporate lending and banking services, including creative strategy, social marketing and content, online advertising, landing pages, email nurture and product positioning

  • B2C marketing to Lifestage segments (eg. new parents, teens, moving house etc), including creative strategy, social marketing and content, online advertising, landing pages and websites, digital products and guides.


    Over a period of 4 years we helped establish a digitally focused, data-led marketing culture, delivering double digit year on year acquisition growth, reduced CAC and higher LTV for all segments targeted.

The Virgin Money brand was founded by Richard Branson, offering banking and financial services operations in the United Kingdom.

We supported Virgin Money on their quest to make banking better

  • We launched a new financial brand in the UK, including a credit card, online marketing strategy and culture

  • Multi-award winning (effectiveness awards and creative awards) online marketing for credit cards and loans acquisition marketing. We pioneered a creative direct response model that proved how to build a bold and exciting financial brand while also driving consistently increasing online direct sales.

  • The model delivers sequential online advertising and content to target segments with a creative format split of 60% brand and 40% direct response. This model, delivered across channels, has since also been proven as optimal for acquisition advertising by IPA research.


    The fastest ever growing credit card launch in the UK. Winner of an NMA Effectiveness award with 1:3 ROI.

BASF create chemistry for a sustainable future. They combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility.

The world’s largest Chemicals manufacturer. B2B covering US, China, SEA, LATAM, Europe.

  • We had the opportunity to relaunch a legacy brand that has become less relevant in the face of more aggressive, modern innovation companies. BASF had multiple very complex sub divisions and products, and needed a masterbrand to present a cohesive proposition.
  • We led customer segmentation of B2B markets across Automotive, Energy, Agritech, Pharma, Plastics to identify a distinct brand proposition for BASF and a brand portfolio mapping with subset value propositions for each division.
  • Developed the brand platform “BASF: We are optimistic about the future” to land their innovation credentials and provide a messaging framework for how each division is using innovation to solve the problems of the future. 


    BASF We are optimistic about the future landed as the global masterbrand, all divisions adopted the positioning and sales teams incorporated it into their sales materials. Dr Brudermuller, Global CEO and Chairman, launched the positioning in his AGM speech to investors.

Builder offers a bespoke, on-demand software platform that automates the creation of applications. The company has now reached Unicorn status.

For the last 4 years we’ve worked with Builder.ai, a world-leading custom software platform that empowers anyone to bring their ideas to life through software creation. Since their Series A raise, our assistance to their marketing team has resulted in differentiating their offerings and driving sales to both SME and Enterprise customers.

  • Led segmentation and insight gathering in order to develop brand positioning, marketing value propositions, and go-to-market plans for multiple products and markets.
  • Started working at Series A, and now the company is a Unicorn valued over $1bn

TrusTrace is a traceability and compliance data management platform in the fashion sector.

The task was to create TrusTrace’s new position and messaging to attract new customers through de-risked market research. We finalised their new positioning with a view to continuing our work together by launching new messaging in market.

  • Elysian Fields ran the senior team through the Unfair Advantage process, organising their insight to create personas and value propositions.
  • We then conducted interviews with their customers and industry-leading experts to validate and iterate our original findings.
  • We delivered validated, de-risked personas and value propositions and we’re now organising their scaled marketing through the Go To Market and message testing process.
"I cannot recommend EF and Martin and Noah enough. Throughout the entire process they have been just phenomenal in their methodology, facilitation of workshops, strategic clarity and well-thought through, actionable outcomes.

Whether talking high level strategy or details of execution, the recommendations were always spot-on, showing a deep understanding of our position and needs, without getting bogged down by what we thought at the time, but considering what the research was showing. We've been working a lot since the initial discussions, gathering more insights, data and research, and they all point to EF having it right from the beginning.

Working with EF not only laid the groundwork for refining our value proposition, but also for updating our vision and mission to align all of the company, from product strategy to customer service, to the same overall objective. We have seen it resonate very well with the market, and I am sure we would not have been able to get it to the right level without the involvement and recommendations from EF.

But that's just outcomes. The personal commitment to see the project through, even though we're a difficult customer with a ton of differing opinions and unclear about where we play and how we win. Martin has always been the voice of reason, elevating the conversation and bringing it back to the learnings from the research, and always willing - no encouraging, really - us to leverage their expertise to get the job done.

The only problem is that the project ends! I would love to keep on working together as it's been so great, so valuable and so fun!"
Anja Saddock
Head of Marketing, TrusTrace

Soul Machines created a revolutionary B2B autonomous animation company, changing customer experience and branding. Series B2 secured, totalling $135m raised to date.

Soul Machines was looking to develop enterprise and entertainment value propositions, leading to an increase in sale engagements.

  • We ran key customer and target customer research, resulting in developing the new enterprise platform, Empathetic Customer Experience, to underpin all marketing and sales.
  • Developed the business case and strategy for entering into entertainment category.
  • We modelled the launch of their new celebrity product
  • Brokered Channel Partnership agreements with WPP and Ogilvy
  • Our introductions led to new client engagements.

Blue Horizon is a global food technology-focused venture capital fund

Elysian Fields were tasked with the opportunity to position Blue Horizon as a global thought leader and power investor in food, agriculture, and bio-tech, to assist in launch of their new Growth Fund

  • We created the positioning of the investment firm: “Accelerating the transition to a new sustainable food system”. Growth fund raise is now in progress
  • Alignment of senior stakeholders behind new positioning
  • New marketing materials created, new website launched 
“Elysian Fields was our key strategic partner as we scaled and institutionalized our business from a single family office to a leading boutique asset manager, from a successful early stage investor to a recognized venture and growth investor positioning as a leader accelerating the transition to sustainable food system”
Sedef Köktentürk,
Managing Partner and COO, Blue Horizon

GetTransfer run a unique pre-booking ride-hailing marketplace platform

We were asked to position GetTransfer as the leading, fastest-growing airport transfer business, with a unique marketplace model able to compete with the incumbent transfer apps.

  • Developed value propositions, brand positioning and GTM plans.
  • Long-term partnership in place, with sustained revalidation of positioning for both customers and drivers.
  • Get Transfer has achieved 117% growth since we started working together, reaching $5m GMV, 6 million users and sustainable cash generation
"Elysian Fields were instrumental in helping us define our positioning, value propositions and go to market that has been the bedrock behind our 200% growth. We are delighted to have them as our long term partners."
Alexander Pershikov,
Founder, GetTransfer

Fintech Pixomi developed a lending product to an SME market currently ignored by Banks.

We were asked to develop a launch strategy for a start-up offering credit to the small business market.

Our lean ‘customer development’ process involved 75 highly structured customer interviews across multiple segments. We uncovered flaws to the business proposition so the team paused product development and avoided a potentially expensive failed launch. Valuable time, money and effort was saved through this rigorous process and the team were grateful to have avoided further investment in the proposition.

"Elysian Fields were a key strategic partner helping us segment the SME market, identify insights into our target customers and define the financial product proposition for the SME market. With their support we were able to identify the risk exposure in launching a product into this market and make informed decisions"
Avi Schechter,
Founder, Pixomi

The QDNL Participations fund is the Netherlands largest Quantum technology fund.

The task was to create a position and messaging to attract investors (LPs) as well as new founders; scientists looking to grow their early stage quantum technology business.

Through The Unfair Advantage Sprint, Elysian Fields helped QDNL find their new voice and market position.

“Elysian Fields worked so quickly to accurately position our fund in Quantum - an incredibly complex category. They brought clarity to our key messaging for LPs, Founders, Parters, Employees and the media. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone who wants reliable and efficient outputs for their business”​
Ton Van 't Noordende
Managing Director, QDNL Participations