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The Elysian Fields Investor Network

We've hosted workshops for some of the world's leading venture capitalists, Accelerators and Start-Up Competitions.
We take attendees through the 'Unfair Advantage' method, putting them on their way to discovering their unfair advantage.

Elysian Fields run 2 workshops:

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Workshop 1 - Creating Unfair Advantages

Creating Unfair Advantages: a marketing strategy training program to securing long term sustainable growth

What it is 

A strategically built, market validated, marketing strategy will be your unfair advantage in growing your business and the critical component to fund raising.

What you’ll get

In our sessions we will introduce you to the 4 key strategic models to build your marketing strategy around, demonstrate the critical nature of building primary data to evidence your assumptions to investors, and guide you to securing your unfair advantage.

Workshop 2 - The Art of Persuasion: Style & Substance

The Art of Persuasion: Style & Substance. A guide to creating an evidenced pitch deck that investors want to see

What it is 

An empirical presentation outlining the art of persuasion when fundraising. 

What you’ll get

In our sessions, we will take you through the 3 pillars of substance that you need to convince investors that you are a credible and risk-free founder. Once you have the groundwork in place, we’ll show you how to display the style that will elevate your proposition to the top.

“The marketing workshop Elysian Fields did for our Brighteye portfolio companies was absolutely brilliant. They were very privileged receiving such useful insights from Fergus, who is unparalleled in his experience within the industry. Since then a couple of them have reached out to EF to begin working directly with them in specific projects."
Alex Spiro
​GP, Bright Eye Ventures

What our investor network say

If you're an investor and would like us to host a workshop for your portfolio companies, or if you're a founder and would like your investors to take advantage of this opportunity, please get in touch

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