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Glossary Tags: target audience

What is a persona

A persona is a fictional character that represents a specific segment of a company’s target audience. Personas are created by gathering and analyzing data about the characteristics, behaviors, and motivations of a target audience, and then using that information to create a detailed profile of a hypothetical person.

Personas are often used to help businesses understand their target audience more deeply and create more targeted marketing campaigns. For example, if a business is targeting young, tech-savvy consumers, they might create a persona named “Mike,” who is a 25-year-old software developer with an interest in the latest gadgets and technologies.

By creating personas, businesses can better understand the needs and preferences of their target audience and create marketing messages that are more relevant and effective.

Can real people be interviewed instead of just fictional characters?

Yes, real people, that match the persona’s characteristics, can be interviewed. This method requires more time, and has higher costs, but it can bring much more value and information that otherwise it would be very difficult to be aware of.

What is a niche audience?

Niche audience is the group of people that share the same characteristics and needs, that a company / product can address their needs.

Is it important to define a niche audience?

Defining the right group of people that a product or service will target plays a crucial role in product / service success. When the right niche is defined, then all works becomes much ‘easier’ for the product / service success. Delivering a product / service that the niche audience can relate to is a very important step.