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What is repositioning

In repositioning, a company attempts to alter the way in which a product or service is perceived or understood by the target market. Reasons for repositioning a product / service can vary from, wrong targeting, to economic or cultural changes, and many more.

Why not discontinue a product / service and choose to reposition it

Repositioning a product / service is not the only option. Many companies decide to discontinue a product or service or launch a new one, instead of repositioning the existing one.

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Positive positioning

Positive positioning is a marketing strategy that involves positioning a brand, product, or service in a positive light in the minds of consumers.

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A persona is a character (sometimes fictional, sometimes interviewed) that represents a specific segment of a company’s target audience.

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Audience targeting refers to the practice of identifying and targeting specific groups of consumers within a larger market.

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In marketing, segmentation refers to the process of dividing a market into smaller groups of consumers who have similar needs or characteristics.

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Product launch

Product launch is not a single event, rather than a group of actions / decisions that need to be taken in order for a product / service to be successful.

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